Dialogue Is Best Way to Combat Terrorism

Topics: Pakistan, Terrorism, Nuclear weapon Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: November 16, 2011

Terrorism has become a global phenomenon. It has taken firm roots globally. Situation has become worse in countries where justice and law and order is totally disturbed. South Asia, Middle East and some parts of Africa are places where terrorism is increasing day by day. Global powers are also responsible for terrorism. Their policy of aggression and force to achieve personal interests in the regions is also adding to terrorism. There are many others forms of terrorism which includes inter terrorism, sectarianism, criminal activities, nuclear and environmental terrorism. In any case, dialogue is the best way to combat terrorism. So, if dialogue is the best way then the question arises that why only dialogue can deliver better results? Answer lies somewhere in the past. It has been a decade since the start of War on Terror by the US and her Allies against Al-Qaida and Taliban. What we have found is that terrorism could never be crushed completely with force. Most of the military operations in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan have not only proved unfruitful but also increased the terrorism in the region. One of the mightiest drawbacks of using force is that it increases radicalization. Drone attacks against al-Qaida and Taliban in Pakistani tribal areas have not achieved much success. In fact with drone attacks more civilian casualties are occurring than that of the terrorists. Such actions are increasing radicalization in civilian population of the Pak Afghan border region. Hence more and more common population is turning towards terrorism. Similarly the military actions of Pakistani army in FATA region has created anti Pakistan state terrorists’ i.e TTP (Tahrik-I-Taliban Pakistan). TTP has opened a new front of war within Pakistan and with the state of Pakistan. Since 2007 most of the recent bomb blasts and suicide attacks in...
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