Dialogue "At the Travel Agency"

Topics: Travel agency, Spain Pages: 4 (1447 words) Published: January 5, 2013
L – Travel agent
O– Fiancé
S – Fiancée

O – Hello.
L – Good afternoon. Welcome to our travel agency. How can I help you? S – Hi! Oh! I’m so excited! We have our wedding in four weeks. I can’t help thinking of our living together. I assure you John, you’ll have the best wife in the world. O – Honey, I have no doubts about it, but let’s proceed to the main question. Mrs..? L – Not Mrs., Miss. Miss Andrews. So I guess you are here because of your forthcoming honeymoon. Am I right? O – Yes, Miss Andrews. We have thought over all sorts of holidays. But anyway we can’t choose where to go. S – We run round like squirrels in a cage. John and I have visited all travel agencies in London. O – Well, Georgina, don’t exaggerate. We have been only at two or three agencies. L – Ok, ok, calm down. I see. It’s always very difficult to take such a serious decision. Nowadays there is a great choice of various destinations for newly married from traditional seaside resorts and sightseeing tours to camping and staying in countryside. O – Oh, it’s grand. Tell us please about them all.

S – No, camping is not counted. I can’t stand all those mosquitos and midges, the ground with a bump under your hip and a hollow under your head, tents which flap all night in the wind and so on, and so on. O – Hmm...I like camping, but really it sounds not very romantically for the honeymoon. L – Actually you’re mistaken about all those inconveniences you have mentioned. Times have changed. And now you have no need even to erect your tent. S – How is it?

L – You see, the tents at our campsites are already set up for you and you can find there spacious sitting, kitchen and two sleeping areas. O – Yes, it sounds interesting enough. And what about activities? Is it possible to combine adventures and passive leisure? L – Sure, one of our campsites is located in Brittany. You’ll find there deserted beaches, coves with light blue water, virgin forests. And in addition to that all the facilities...
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