Dialogue About Gang Culture

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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A dialogue
A: Sandra! Can I speak to you please? It's really important! B: Yeah! What's up?!
A: It's …! I wanna join the gang, you know! And I' d like to ask if you …? B: Shut up! You won't go to the Black Dragons!
A: Yes, and you can't forbid it. Look at you! You had also joined them too! B: I'm out!
A: Why? Because you are just a coward!? You were too anxious for your second test of courage! Baby! B: Do you remember what the second test was about? The demanded me to hit my best and only friend I have, and to leave my family just to show them that they can count on me in any situation! If I hadn't left, you would say alone with dad! A: So?! Dad sleeps most of the time, and he drinks a lot! You never really cared about me, when you were in the gang! You also wanted to be a member of them forever! But now, you, who has tried everything in live, wants me to stay away from gang! Why can't I just join them!?! B: Yes, I tried everything in life and this is the reason why I try to prevent you to join the gang! I had life experience and now I have something I have to stand for and also really care about you, otherwise I wouldn't try to help you! You also know that dad drinks because of our mom's death. A: `I feel so sorry!´(ironically). I'm not the slightest bit interested. She's dead five years ago! Only “now” counts. I just wanted to know how you would react, if I would tell you that I wanted to join the Black Dragons! B: So?

A: It had been 2 years ago, about three month after you left the gang, that I joined in! You ruined my life! I hadn't been asked if I wanted to join in! I had been forced because of your once sworn oath: <If I ever leave the gang, another family-member of mine will join in at my place! …> B: That's a lie, you should have a guilty conscience, but you don't have one at all! A: Oh yes, I have!! Bye!

After this conversation: A' s test of courage had been to kill her older sister B. She hesitated and left the gang two...
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