Dialog "An Appointment with a Doctor"

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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1 – The patient’s mother
2 – GP
3 – The patient (little girl) infected with flu

1 – Good morning Dr. Ferguson. May we come in?
2 – Good day madam. Yes, please. Sit down here. Do you have health insurance and medical history? 1 – Yes, certainly.
2 – And who is this sweet girl?
3 – I’m Jessica. I’m feeling myself very very bad.
2 – Oh, dear…Tell me more please about your illness, so I could make a diagnosis. 1 – Well, yesterday my daughter came home from school and I noticed immediately that something was wrong. Usually she’s so hyper. But yesterday she was not herself. 3 – Yes, that’s right. I felt dizziness at school and asked our school doctor Mrs. Taylor for leave from lessons. 2 – And then you returned home, right?

3 – Actually I came home not immediately. I was walking for some time with my friend Melanie. 1 – Oh, Jessica! A little mean girl! You feigned illness in order to play truant! 2 – Oh, Mrs…?...Mrs. Wilson not so fast! Jessica didn’t pretend to be ill. She was ill indeed, but she’s a little light-headed girl. So young lady please go on. 3 – So I returned home and felt into bed. And late at night I felt myself much worse than earlier. 1 – Yeah, she was bathed in sweat. Jessica felt shivery last night. 2 – And what were your actions?

3 – Mom took my temperature…it was high, somewhere about 39. 1 – And then I gave her some anti-fever medicine.
2 – I hope that wasn’t aspirin. You do know that children must not take it, right? 1 – Sure, I gave her Nurofen for children. And some time later she felt better herself. Right Jessica? 3 – Uh-huh…those pills relieved my miseries, the fever was brought down, then it was somewhere about 37. So after that I undoubtedly felt better myself. 2 – I see that you’re speaking through your nose. Does it breathe? 3 – No, it’s stuffy and running. Besides, I have an awful sore throat and sometimes I have a tickling in my throat. 1 – Oh, doctor! You owe to do something! I just can’t listen to her snuffling voice!...