Dialog About Grant for Facultity

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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A: Hello, I've just got information that if we want to receive a 100000 euro from European Union we are obligated to make a survey about our facultity's needs and we need to present them in contract. Do you have any ideas ?

B: Every year we have more and more students, standard of our university is still the same but we have scarce timr to make all subjects. I think we should hire more reaserach workers who will relieve professors of some part work and then they could have more time to make extra lessons. (??)

A: I think it's good idea, I'll put it down on my propositions list. Anyway, it won't lead to solve the problem if we hire a new staff it will contribute to organize short courses for them. It takes a lot of time.

B: You're right. What about upgrate the facilities? This is also important thing to do. We could work with efficient equipment which let us to speed up work with students and what's more it'll be definetely safer.

A: Well, one consequence could be raising our productivity by allow to make more experiments with students, but we have not enough room to keep new equipment .

B: If we build new laboratory, with up-to- date (czyli tym co mamy? Dobrze rozumiem?) equipment, it could be good for our range and it will secure better conditions in work.

A: That's the point. What's more we could also have a little savings for a new equipment. I'm sure it'll make our work easier.

B: And it could be good impact on university image.

A: To sum up... I'm going to make calculation, and then I'll tell you about results
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