Dialectical Journal for I Pledge Allegiance Vietnam

Topics: Vietnam War, Friendship, Cold War Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Dialectical Journal

1. ImageryWhile explaining the book Morris says, “If friendship has an opposite it has to be war.” (5)I don’t necessarily agree with this quote. War is a horrid thing and I don’t think friendship is the on the opposite end of the scale. Something like Peace between to nations or even people seems like a more reasonable opposite. 2. Conflict“Its our response to every scary or confusing or just plain overwhelming force that seems capable of destroying the four man fortress that we’ve built.” Evelyn DelValle was such a force.” (9)This quote shows the power of friendship and how far people are willing to go to keep it. It also shows how a small thing like a woman can destroy a group of friends. So to avoid this Morris and his friends make a pact. 3. Conflict “When the Vietnam war started pouring into my living room just like everybody else’s living room and I started getting nightmares, we all pledged none of us was going to go over there voluntarily” (18)This quote is explaining that when the Vietnam war started the US government started drafting teenagers. So it would make sense that the war would pour into everybody living room. Also because Morris’s group all made a pact not to go into the army he starts having nightmares that him and his friends will have to go to war. 4. Characterization“There was never any doubt Ivan was going.” (24)This characterizes Ivan as a willing and stubborn person. In this case Morris knew from the beginning of the Vietnam war even though they made a pact not to go, Ivan was already in. 5. Setting and Imagery“From my perch along the coast this strange green salad of a place is manageable” (30)I have had the same experience when I went to Costa Rica. I went zip lining through the rainforests and felt the same feeling of awe and amazement. 6. Figurative LanguageTalking about mail delivery Morris says, “When it does arrive, though, we have a kind of ritual, like a bunch of squirrels with acorns.” (46)...
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