Diagnostic System

Topics: Expert system, Knowledge engineering, Fuzzy logic Pages: 6 (2062 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Knowledge-based expert system or simply expert system use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would require human intelligence. These expert systems represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer.These rules and data can be called upon when needed to solve problems. Books and manuals have a tremendous amount of knowledge, but a human has to read and interpret the knowledge for it to be used.  Knowledge-based system collects the small fragments of human know-how into a knowledge base, which is used to reason through a problem, using the knowledge that is appropriate. As new technology rapidly progress and innovations of intelligence, man taught how to use expert system in many ways. And it reached some of medical purposes like medical analysis. In medical analysis, prescription from an authorized doctor and also spending of money can be avoided. Because it uses set of instructions and stated some advice that user may do in order to cure, or at least, on how to have a remedy for their sickness. The system’s suggestion of treatment is only based on the user’s symptoms. And with this kind of consultation, people will always choose to consult this computerized medical analysis.

For the proponents, Diagnostic System for Barangay Health Centers is an expert system which can easily determine the sickness of the patient by inputting symptoms, can provide accurate information about the sickness with suggested treatment and generated disease result and suggested medication. This system can also keep, add, update and retrieve personal information of a patient. Project Objectives

The researchers intended to facilitate general and specific objectives, which may help us identify a clear set of objectives included in the system. General objective
To develop a diagnostic system for Barangay Health Center that will provide an easier way for the patients in consulting their sickness, and to develop a system that will benefit both the residents, doctor and the nurses or the health workers of the Barangay Health Center by reducing the time of their consultation. Specific Objectives

1. To create a system that can easily determine the sickness of the patient by inputting symptoms and system that will keep, retrieve, add, update the personal information of a patient 2. To provide accurate information about the sickness with suggested treatment. 3. To able the user to sign-up and log-in first before using the system for security .

Significance of the Project
The preparation of such an undertaking, focuses on improving the consultation for the benefit of both the residents of the barangay and the volunteer health workers. The patient shall have the opportunity to ease and reduce the time of their consultation. They would also have an increase in awareness of the evolution of new and modern information technology. The same is true for the nurses or health worker. For the Barangay Health Center, although the full implementation of a really computerized diagnostic system would have an impact in our huge initial spending, the effect is higher productivity for its health workers. The health workers or doctors will have the opportunity to eliminate the redundancy of works, faster response in processing the consultation of the patients, a reliable diagnostic system, secured and efficient system in a long run of the consultation process.  Scope and limitations of the Project

This research aims to develop a diagnostic system for Barangays. The study limits on the following and functions.   Store data of the diseases (sickness and treatment). Use of the system is limited to volunteer workers and staff designated to do the work. The proposed system covers the major process in the diagnostic system for Rural Health Units namely: search engine by symptoms or the sickness itself, generated disease result and suggested medication, keep, retrieve, add,update the personal information of a...
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