Diagnostic Impressions

Topics: Psychological trauma, Abnormal psychology, African American Pages: 3 (519 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Crystal Smith
Abnormal Psych
Final Exam Spring 2012

Case Conceptualization

Ms. King is a biracial female of low socioeconomic status. She is part Hispanic and part African American. She is proud to be part of both cultural origins. She was raised by her maternal grandmother who is currently ill. Although her mother was in her life, she never received the attention she desired from her. However, Ms. King family provided a good support system for her and her siblings. Ms. King became pregnant in her teens forfeiting her high school education. The father of her child lacks a relationship with the child because of being incarcerated. During Ms. King childhood she was sexual abuse and as a result she developed social and emotional issues. Ms. King experienced depression after the traumatizing event. She had also experienced recurrent distressing dreams about the sexual abuse. As a result, she had attempted to take her own life twice. She used alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism to deal with social and emotional issues. Ms. King aggression has lead her to be incarcerated for aggravated battery. She is currently incarcerated and is having difficulties adjusting to the new environment. Ms. King have difficulties discussing her feeling and sometimes acts out in rage because of her anger from her childhood abuse. During observations of her behavior, she was tested with the Rorschach test, her lack of commitment and poor concentration suggest she may have problems with cognitive development.

Diagnostic nsImpressio:

AXIS I:309.81 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
302.79 Sexual Aversion Disorder

AXIS II:No diagnosis, Antisocial features


AXIS IV:Incarceration

AXIS V:Current GAF: 40-50

Q & A:

1. The PTSD diagnosis accurately represents Ms. King because she has had a traumatic childhood followed by distressing dreams of the event and she avoids reminiscing about the sexual abuse. The sexual aversion...
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