Diagnostic Imaging Techniques

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  • Published : September 20, 2012
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Diagnostic Imaging Techniques

After going through medical and physical examinations, doctor requested X-ray to be done to ensure that diagnosis was correct and source of pain. Two projections was ordered. There are Antero-posterior projection and Lateral projection of the Cervical spine.

Technical Details

ProjectionkVpmAtime (s)mAsSIDFocal Spot SizeGrid/ BuckyImage receptor AP652000.08016100FineGrid24cm by 30cm
Lateral702000.10020180FineNon-Grid24cm by 30cm

Rationale for choice of factors

Two projections was done so that better view of the cervical spine can be seen. Choice for kVp and mAs for both projections was used to sufficiently penetrate to be able to see the soft tissue and bony trabeculations. High kVp was used compared to theory because patient’s size is huge as such requires higher kVp to penetrate through. SID was at 100cm for AP projection so as to minimise magnification of the cervical spine and 180cm for lateral projection to help overcome OID (object to image receptor distance) to reduce magnification and improve the sharpness of the image. Cassette size 24cm by 30cm was used so as to include all the details of the cervical spine on the x-ray image. Fine focal spot size was chosen so that bony details can be seen on radiographic image. Non-grid was used for lateral cervical spine to take advantage of the air-gap technique.

Radiographic Techniques

For Anterio-Posterior Projection of Cervical Spine

-Patient was asked to stand upright with the posterior part of the body close to the erect bucky.

-Patient’s head and neck were in contact with the erect bucky

-Patient was asked to open up his legs at shoulder width for the stability of the patient and to minimise motion blurriness.

-Patient’s shoulder was adjusted so that it was parallel with the erect bucky to prevent rotation of the cervical spine.

-The mid-sagittal plane of the body was aligned to the...
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