Diagnostic Essay

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Diagnostic Essay

Lizbeth Acosta
Diagnostic Essay
Feb. 12, 2013

My place, my spot, My Sanctuary
Thinking of a favorite place or location wasn’t easy for me, not because I don’t have one but because I had never sat down to carefully think of one. It gets hard to find a good place to relax when you have a very busy schedule. As a full time employee, a wife, and a mother of three, I hardly have time to relax or to choose a location where I want to go because I enjoyed it; usually everything evolves around my children. After carefully thinking, I came out with the conclusion that my favorite location to be would be my bedroom. My bedroom is not very big, my furniture barely fits in the room, but to me it has a very cozy, relaxing, home warming environment. As you walk into the bedroom, the first thing that catches your eyes is the big huge 84 inch window that fills the room with warm, bright, sun light, hitting directly to my bed. I change my beddings weekly and even though I only have 3 sets to change I love matching from curtains to rugs on the floor to match. So everything matches. As a Hispanic woman I follow some things my grandmother taught me and one was that is very important to always maintain your beddings smelling clean and feeling soft and puffy. Not only can you see the puffiness and silkiness of the comforter, you are also able to smell it all the way from the bedroom entrance. The fabric softener I like to use, gives clothes a sweet candy, flowers and baby smell, is a smell that attracts your senses and makes you feel welcome in the bed and makes you want to cuddle in the sheets and comforters. When I lay in my bed I feel the softness, silkiness, and warmth that the fabric softener leaves behind that reminds me of my grandma’s hugs, and makes me want to lay there for hours. I spent all of my time on my bed when I’m in my bedroom. Because from my bed I have a view outside through my huge window, and I able to see who comes in and out from...
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