Diagnosis of Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Topics: The Big Bang Theory, Asperger syndrome, Sheldon Cooper Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Diagnosis of Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from the television series The Big Bang Theory, is a theoretical physicist from Pasadena, California who lives and associates with fellow scientists Leonard, Howard, and Raj. Sheldon also interacts with three females, the girlfriends of Howard and Leonard, Bernadette and Penny, and his own girlfriend, Amy. His daily interactions are limited to this small circle. Even though he has lived with Leonard for numerous years and has been associated with the others for many years, Sheldon has very few social graces or concepts of friendship when he interacts with them. His friendship with Leonard is based on a roommate agreement that lays out exactly what their friendship entails. Sheldon’s relationship with his girlfriend Amy also has a relationship agreement that entails when he must hold her hand, or take her on a date night, and the restrictions of their physical contact.

Physical contact is very big obstacle for Sheldon. He does not like to be touched and doesn’t know how to reciprocate physical interactions. Penny, Leonard’s girlfriend and also neighbor, is an affectionate person and pushes Sheldon’s comfort with physical contact. In an episode where Penny gives Sheldon a Christmas present, Sheldon is so appreciative that he decides to give Penny a hug. This is a first for Sheldon, who never gives out affection and who doesn’t know how to receive it. The hug is awkward and Sheldon relies on Penny’s judgment for when the hug is socially acceptable to be over. Sheldon’s relationship with Amy is also very restricted when it comes to physical contact. Amy had to have Sheldon write it in their relationship agreement that he would hold her hand at the movie theater like normal couples but only if he received something in return. Also, Sheldon has never kissed Amy. Amy first kissed when she was drunk one night which Sheldon showed no reaction to. There have been a few other cases where Amy has kissed Sheldon, like...
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