Diageo Supply Chain Management: Notes

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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„  Diageo is one of the worlds largest liquor producing brewery. „  80% of its total production takes place in Australia, Ghana, Canada, Camaroon,

Ireland and Scotland along with some African countries.
„  Remaining production is done in other countries via joint-venture under contract

with commercial partners.
„  Diageo has been awarded the carbon trust company for its perfect supply chain

and distribution channel in the scotland breweris.
„  The top brands of diageo are johny walker,smirnoff vodka,crown royale,

j&B,windsor,guineese,Baileys,Morgan etc.
„  The business expansion is in over 180 markets with a dedicated on roll team of

20,000 employees along with offices in 80 countries.
„  The company is listed in both London Stock Exchange(DGE) and New York Stock


Diageo is the leading premium spirits business in the world by volume,by net sales and by operating profit and is one of a small number of premium drinks companies that operate globally across spirits.beer and wine.Diageo creates long term values for shareholders through its outstanding brands,itsgeographic breadth and the expertise of its people. In-depth customer &consumer understanding

Focus execution

Highly effective routes to market

Building strong relationship

World class marketing capability

„  Diageo aims to develop strong relationship with its supplier to help

ensure that the goods and services it needs are sustainable and that the company can continue to obtain the best value in terms of cost,quality and service and innovation. „  A company Diageo’s size has the capacity to source its suppliers locally,

regionally and even globally.
„  Confirming that its suppliers consistently maintain these standard task

for Diageo.
„  Diageo is a member of a group of food and drink manufacturer “AIM-

PROGRESS” which recognise the importance of ensuring that their supply...
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