Diabetes Research Paper

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Research Article Critique-Childhood Type II diabetes and Obesity

University of Phoenix

Research Article Critique
Research critique enables nurses as a research consumer to evaluate the scientific merit of the study and decide how the results may be useful in practice. Critiquing involves intensive scrutiny of a study, including its strengths and weaknesses, statistical and clinical significance and the generalizability of the results. This paper will critique a medical quantitative study, which was conducted to “assess the prevalence of autoimmune thyroid disease (ATD) in insulin-treated youth with clinical features of type two diabetes mellitus (T2DM).”

The study clearly states the increase concern among medical professionals regarding the rising cases of T2DM among the pediatric population and the possibility for these type of patients to be at risk for developing ATD. Hypothyroidism was defined as the presence of increased thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) with or without decreased free T4 . Hyperthyroidism was defined as the presence of a decreased TSH and an elevated T3. Basal mass index (BMI) was calculated, and obesity was defined as a BMI >=85th percentile for age and sex.

The objective of the study were to determent the prevalence of thyroid antibodies in Caucasian ( C ) and African-American (AA) children less than 19 years of age at onset of insulin treated diabetes; (ii) to compare their prevalence in three groups: the first group were lean children with or without B-cell autoimmunity, second group obese children with basal metabolic index (BMI)of >=85 percentile with evidence of B-cell autoimmunity, and with characteristics of diabetes type one and diabetes type two recognize as having double diabetes (DD) and the last group obese children with BMI of >=85 percentile with no evidence of b-cell autoimmunity. The research shows that in patients with clinical features of T2DM who have evidence of B-cell autoimmunity (DD), the frequency...
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