Diabetes and Beta - Carotene

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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Beta- carotene is an organic compound categorized as a terpenoid (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Naturally, it is a predecessor of vitamin A, and found in several yellow fruits and vegetables. These organic nutrients play a vital role in aiding vision, skin growth, and bone development. In addition to these crucial roles, Beta-carotene may be of significant help in regulating the blood sugar in diabetic persons (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Human bodies regulate blood sugar levels with the help of the hormone called insulin. In the absence or inadequate supply of this hormone, an individual is said to be diabetic. Diabetes may results in solemn conditions such as blindness, heart diseases, and stroke. Over the years, medical experts have found a link between Beta- carotene and diabetes (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Through lab researches, scientists identified that beta-carotene compounds were significantly lower among diabetic patients (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Research has affirmed that antioxidants such as Beta –carotene have beneficial effects on our blood sugar levels (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Antioxidants compounds are responsible for the elimination of free radicals substances in our bodies. Free radical substances harm our body cells by continuously reacting with body molecules resulting in tissue damage. Researches done in the University of Maryland indicate that antioxidants can aid in stabilizing glucose levels in diabetic patients (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). When an individual fails to eat for up to 8 hours, his or her body releases a hormone called glucagon to increases the blood sugar levels needed for metabolism. For normal persons, the insulin hormone counterattacks the increase in glucose levels. However, for diabetic individuals’, the lack of insulin in the appropriate amounts, results in elevated blood sugar levels. Similarly, the Beta-carotene presence increases insulin resistance hence aid in fighting diabetic...
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