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“What to eat?” a question that has been a real concern to people nowadays, since food has major effects on its consumers; especially on health. One of these effects on health is diabetes. The way that people eat their food and what kind of food they eat affects the sugar in their blood; either in a good way or a bad way. The Saudi society, for example, has its share of diabetic people due to what they eat, with a large amount of the diabetic patients. In the late few generations, the eating habits of Saudis have been drastically changing, from typical and traditional food, to junk and fast food; each change affects the sugar in their blood.

A. Types of Diabetes

Diabetes can be referred to the disorder of producing insulin from the pancreas, or absolute absence of it. (Behr, 1) Diabetes has lots of types but there are two which are very common. These kinds are Type 1and Type 2. People with Type 1 do not have the required cells in their pancreas to produce insulin. (Behr, 1) While patients with Type 2 do produce insulin, but their bodies resist it and reject it most of the time. (Behr, 1)

B. Symptoms

People who have diabetes have specific symptoms. Type 1 and Type 2 have some similar symptoms and some different ones. The similar symptoms are having an extremely dry mouth, increase of hunger, frequent uncontrollable urination and vomiting. Some of the symptoms which can be found in people with Type 1usually lose weight and breather very heavy and deeply. On the other hand, diabetics with Type 2 get numbed from time to time in the hands or feet and their visions get blurred.

C. The Difference in Types

What makes these types unique from one another, is that Type 1 can only be obtained by inheriting it from the parents; whereas Type 2 can be gained by either inheriting it from the parents or from leading an unhealthy lifestyle, filled with processed food. (Behr, 1) Usually the...

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