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Imagine your body is not able to produce insulin enough or Asamadha. So you need that insulin Thakl in your body every day. This disease is defined as the disease diabetes. Suffers someone who has diabetes, high blood sugar. The reason is his body, they can not convey sugar into fat cells and muscles and kidney Use Knaft in the body. Symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination and a decline in the weight and excessive thirst, blurred vision, hunger and fatigue. There are two presidents of the disease, diabetes, named the first type is the same type. Event type usually per children, Mzehgan and youth. And their body does not produce any insulin and develop symptoms in a short time. The second type is the type of Monday. Most of the time this kind occurred in adults and evolves in a long time that some people who suffer from high blood sugar do not show any symptoms.

In 2010 Milan suffered 285 people in the world of diabetes. Experts estimate that the number will double in 2030. Most of these cases ستكن in Africa and Asia because the food in these countries will become like the food in the West. India has more people the disease affects diabetes and then China. In the United States for Disease encoder Chitrh the disease diabetes says plague. Sorry this solution will become worse in the future.

Although there is no cure for diabetes, has allowed us to modern technology and medicine to treat diabetes better than before. Have made developments and improvements in the treatment of diabetes easier for children and adults. Some new treatment options in the future, will include a transplant insulin pump, where the pump can be planted permanently in the body and used to measure blood sugar levels and deliver the exact amount of insulin required for the body. Another way to cure in the near future will include inhaled insulin, where you will use to deliver insulin via spray inhaled through the mouth.
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