Topics: Mumbai, Dharavi, Poverty Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: March 8, 2013

dharavi-no longer dharavi!! toc:
1)dump the slums
2)article on unmployement
3)previous years contributuion
4)how is it adding to traffic in Mumbai?
5)how is tourism affected?

1)Wow our country is popular for one thing-dharavi sums,the biggest in our continent.the negative impacts of slums outweights the positive.traffic,pollution and lfe sweating diseases are major ones.illiterate dump garbage that creats a breeding ground for the mosquitos who eventually transfer it to us in the form of malaria dengue.thus taking away a lot of space which could be used for the development for industrial buildings,that could be a catalyst to foster the growth of our economy.this slum is a waste and insignificant.we should relloate them away from the city where the population is less dense.

2)indias biggest problem unemployement.however to implement preventive measures our dean personally spoke to us about the issue. Lets not beat around the bush and get to the point.india being a third world country faces one of the biggest problems today-poverty.our job is to reduce it if not stop it.yes this can be done.dharavi being one of the biggest slums is affecting multiple factors hindering the growth.however the movie slumdog millionaire revolved around it .now relocation of these poverty sticker people needs to be done.the new budget as prepared by p.chidambarm is going to is going to increase the revenue by 15% .however a part of it should be diverted towards this slum .

3)slum-ed , a week long campaign managed to raise a whooping sum of rs10lakhs from across schools,colleges and companies across Mumbai. The aim was to utilize the fund collected to educate the children of the 1million families at slums spreadout in Mumbai that form a part of the shadow city of Mumbai. Other than intense workshops on sanitation and gender,we...
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