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True-False Questions

1) A generic message is a direct promotion of a good or service without any claim of superiority. (True; Easy; p. 231)

2) A preemptive message is designed to display a product in comparison to the competition. (False; Easy; p. 232)

3) Negative comparison ads may transfer negative feelings toward the sponsor’s product. (True; Easy; p. 233)

4) Demonstration ads are suited to television because the actual product features can be clearly shown. (True; Easy; p. 243)

5) A dead-person endorsement is illegal in most states.
(False; Easy; p. 246)

6) Repeating a tag line is ineffective in advertising because the consumer becomes tired of hearing the phrase. (False; Easy; p. 252)

7) Advertisers should avoid simplicity in advertising because it insults the viewer or consumer. (False; Easy; p. 253)

8) The tag line “soup is good food” is an example of hyperbole in advertising. (False; Moderate; pp. 231-232)

9) Affective message strategies are designed to invoke rational decisions, which lead to comparisons and purchases. (False; Moderate; p.234)

10) Impulse buys are linked to conative message strategies. (True; Moderate; pp. 235-236)

11) A slice-of-life ad utilizes celebrity spokespersons offering expert endorsements. (False; Moderate; pp. 239-240)

12) Authoritative ads either provide scientific evidence or use an authoritative voice to present the information. (True; Moderate; p. 242)

13) Typical person sources are not ordinarily credible.
(False; Moderate; p. 247)

14) A celebrity who endorses several products is building credibility as a spokesperson. (False; Moderate; p. 249)

15) A brand user strategy is a form of comparative strategy. (False; Challenging; p. 236)

16) Animation is a type of slice-of-life advertising execution. (False; Challenging; p. 238)

17) Testimonials are an effective executional framework for advertising services. (True; Challenging; p. 241)

18) Consumer reports and the Good Housekeeping seal of approval are examples of an informative executional framework. (False; Challenging; p. 242)

19) The principle of campaign duration suggests that all advertisements should be easily recalled by viewers, but without them becoming boring or uninteresting. (True; Challenging; p. 252)

20) Wal-Mart’s emphasis on low prices violates the principle of consistent positioning, which stresses quality instead. (False; Challenging; p. 252)

Multiple-Choice Questions

21) The original Viagra advertisements were designed to create _____ . a) immediate purchases of the product
b) brand awareness
c) linkage of the brand name to the corporation’s name (Pfizer) d) barriers to entry for competing products
(b; Easy; pp. 229-230)

22) Which is not a cognitive message strategy?
a) generic
b) preemptive
c) action-inducing
d) hyperbole
(c; Easy; p. 231)

23) Which message strategy is most linked with reasoning processes? a) cognitive message strategies
b) brand message strategies
c) affective message strategies
d) resonance message strategies
(a; Easy; p. 231)

24) Which cognitive message strategy is a direct promotion of a brand without any claim of superiority? a) generic
b) hyperbole
c) preemptive
d) brand
(a; Easy; p. 231)

25) Which is not a type of brand message strategy?
a) comparative
b) brand image
c) brand usage
d) corporate
(a; Easy; p. 236)

26) Which message strategy is...
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