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In the article can we talk the writer main point is to convey the importance of quality communication versus regular talk. That there is a difference and can have an affect on your relationships in a big way.

I can relate to this article and its concept in regards to my family members. I will use an example of table talk. There are two different conversations that can happen at the dinner table. Like said in the article there is regular small talk communication such as; how was your day? Or what did you do today? Then there is quality communication. Talking about personal issues, fears, plans and goals.

I cannot speak from example in from the relationship with a partner standpoint but do agree that quality communication is a necessity for a strong and lasting relationship. I do feel that I fit into the generalizations due to the fact that I can relate to this topic in my everyday life and have experienced it.

Intercultural communication is symbolic to which different cultures create shared meanings. When we speak to someone with little or no cultural bond it is refereed to as intercultural. Our need to communicate across cultre can be very beneficial personally and professionally.

The need for increased awareness concerning interpersonal communicaton in an intercultural setting is great and should not be ingnored. If relations and exchanges between people from different cultures could be cleared of confusion and awkwardness, then cultures would not be so apprehensive about communicating with one another.

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