Topics: Computer, Computer graphics, Artificial intelligence Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: January 21, 2013
computers today are very very useful, its really an answer to our daily needs of information. in all, this is really a multimedia, it is an almost perfect creation of human kind. from a simple calculator , it turns answers to everyones question and needs.If you want to talk to your friend, you go chatting or maybe you can interact with other people we dont know yet. . if you missed your favorite tv show just go to youtube and you can find it there, almost anythinh you wanna see. if your a student and its very hard for you to go to a library then go searching. just type what you want or what your looking for. computers and internets are very helpfull to us coz it connects people all over the world. we understands the world were living.

im a computer science before. and it helps me a lot to understand computer. knowing its capability is very impressive. but as i notice so far. computers and internet are somehow change our lifestyle so much.it opens the minds of other culture that this world we are living is an open minded and liberated. it changes our culture from an old school to a couch potato

when i was i kid. after school, i play with my friends. games are really helpful for physical health. but as i see kids and teens now. what their doing is they just sit for almost 8 hours facing their computers. computers also affects the studies of students. Ads by Google

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instead of going to libraries or do some brainstorming. what they do is they almost depend on internet. by just copy and paste. you have the result for your research. do they understand their subject? i dont think so. Here in our country Philippines, computers and internets are one of the growing hobbies of youths. after school, they go to internet cafe for chatting and...
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