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  • Published: December 22, 2008
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Raffles Design Institute
Interactive Media design

Academic Research and Communication Skills

Assignment 3 – Research Report

Internet censorship: The Police of the Internet.

Delonn Koh Siaw Wee

Jeremy Brett

26th June 2008

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This research examines and analyzes the role of government authorities and law enforcement groups on the censorship of internet. Many countries faces problem with the freedom of speech that insults the government and also cyber crime that hurts many humans through the internet. The effectiveness of the solution will also be evaluated.

The definition of internet censorship was being research online initially. Search engine like Google are used and site like dictionary.com proves to be useful. Books from national library are the core fundamental through this research. History of censorship, Cyber activism and censorship encyclopedia are among the reference material used in this research.

In regards to the freedom of expression have always been different between the east and west continent. The Chinese government proves that the control of internet communication can be achieved unless the government have no interest or will. In the west, companies that operates through the internet had it’s share of problem and engaged the help of government and law enforcement groups in order to maintain the order and harmony within the cyber dimension. And all these implementation yield successful result and still remains as one of the most effective way.

The government does not want to try to control everything on the internet. They strived to create an Internet that is free enough to support and maintain the world’s economy and yet closed enough to tamp down political threats to its monopoly on power. The involvement of governments and law enforcement groups proves vital in securing and maintaining the order in Internet.

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