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  • Published: May 5, 2013
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SIS EDU-soft


This document describes the SIS EDU Management Web Inference System, which automates administrates tasks of Institute management for smooth running their day today activities and provides accurate information as required.


Members and staff of administration team will be using this system, Along with chosen data entry operators.

1.1 Project Details

A Brief Description of the project

• This software is built to enhance students performance and hence to improve the overall performance of the Institute.

• This software works as a interactive medium among students, parents & Institute administration.

The main Feature of the Software

• It helps in Keeping track of student’s performance throughout his stay in the institute. • It maintains the data of every student in the institute in terms of his attendance, Exam results, extracurricular activities like cultural events & sports. • This software helps the parents to know about each & every activity of there child. • The parents will get to know about there Childs absence to the class within 12 hours. • The exam results, Special events like sports & cultural functions will be known to the parents with in 12 hours from the time of announcement. How it works

• The main server will be present in SIS EDU office.
• We will be maintaining and updating the information from our master server. • SIS EDU will update the data from the respective institute. • The Institute will also be having an option to update the data themselves if it is very immediate & confidential. • The updating of attendance will be done either in the evening after all the class or in the morning (Previous days), depending on the Institute preference. • All the other information regarding the results, functions & other extra – curricular activity will be done as per the Institutes preference. • Every parent is given a login...
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