Topics: Money market, Consumer protection, Management Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Subject: - Business Studies (commerce)
1. Planning is very crucial for success of business organization”. Explain any 4 reasons for this. 2. Explain any 4 functions of stock exchange.
3. “SEBI performs various protective functions” explain any four such functions. 4. “A good leader should have certain qualities” explain any six such qualities. 5. Explain the following consumer rights:-

a) Right to be heard.
b) right to safety
c) Right to be informed.
6. “Price of a product is determined by many factors” explain any five such factors. 7. What is meant by working capital? Describe any four factors which affect the working capital requirement of a company. 8. Explain first three needs of Maslow’s need hierarchy. 9. A training method providing training to employees on the equipment which they will be using” mentions the name of this training method and explains. 10. explain the following money market instruments:-

a) Treasury bill
b) Commercial paper
c) Call money
11. “Management is regarded as a perfect science” do you agree? Explain in brief any five reasons. 12. “Management has not yet gained the status of a full-fledged profession” why? 13. Explain any five techniques of scientific, management. 14. An organization follows the principles of management. What are the adverse effects of each of the following principles of management on the organization: a) Unity of command

b) Order
c) Division of work.
15. Briefly discuss the impact of government policy changes on business and industry. 16. Explain briefly the steps involved in the process of planning. 17. Explain briefly any three merits and any three limitation of planning. 18. Hindustan ltd. Is manufacturing computers, soaps and textile which type of organization structure would suit the requirement of such organization. State any two advantages and two disadvantages of this organization structure....
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