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Topics: Anxiety, English-language films, Family Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Looking back on the unacceptable changes that made her move from house to house. Nayanna wasn’t prepared to move to a new place. She was feeling anxious, worried, frustrated and confused without questioning her mother, Dircylene, as to why. The weird routine started she had to move with her mother and her brother Adler again. Nayanna has moved from home since she was six months, which was when her parents divorced. She was a little baby that hadn’t been yet aware of what was going on. This was the beginning of Nayanna’s journey. When her mother started to move, she began to have problems while they were adapting to a new place making them move again. While they were moving from house to house, Nayanna and Adler started growing up and better understanding the concepts of life. However, Nayanna had family problems, problems in adapting at a new place and school. At last, she is now patient, she is struggling to succeed in life and she is overcoming her past problems.

During all the changes, Dircylene was always moving into a sibling’s house or moving in with close family members. Nayanna wasn’t ok with the idea of moving again. All the time that they were moving around, their family welcomeds them with pleasure, happiness and comfort. Dircylene was frequently talking to Nayanna preparing them to change schools, friends and with whom they were going to live. Also, she was alerting them that they had to treat their family politely and try to adapt at the house without complaining in front of their family disappoint them. She used to say that if they (Nayanna and Adler) had any problems and were not able to adapt at the house, she was going to do the maximum to make them happy.

Nayanna didn’t like to express to her mother that she was having problems to accept the changes to not make her mother worry about it. Yet, she was continually blaming her mother of making her start over a new routine in her life. One of the new places that Nayanna was moving with her...
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