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By | June 2011
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[pic] A Trip to Tirupathi Temple

My trip to Tirupathi temple was really awesome. It is situated in Andra Pradesh which is a 10km from Tirupati. It is on the Tirumala Hill in Chitoor district. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu. Tirupathi temple is the second richest temple in the world.


I went for Tirupathi few months back. It was really a good experience of mine. I went with my friends. I had started my journey for Tirupathi at around 6 o’clock in the evening. On the next day early in the morning at around 4 o’clock we reached the bus stopatch of Tirupathi. From the bus stand we caught another bus for Tirumala. It took around an hour to reach our destination. At last we reached our desired place which has been waiting for a long time. We got down from the bus, went inside the place where the tourist were sitting and taking rest. We took rest for sometime, refresh ourselves over there. After sometime we started searching for the guest room. But it was very tough to get room over there since many people from all over the states were present. It was a huge crowd. We stood in a queue line for a long time inorder to book the room and take rest for sometime. At last, after standing for almost 3 hrs, finally we manage to book the room.

It has been said by the people that during the lifetime before death of a man it is good to visit this worshiped great place . Otherwise it would be incomplete for a person during his life time. It is a fantastic place to look around. After we took rest for sometime, we came out of our room, hired a vehicle . We went through all the temples of Tirupathi. Nearby temple we bought many things. We took many snaps which would be memorable for us in our future. We went to see the water falls. It was really fantastics. It cannot be detected from where the water comes and passes away. The edge of the...

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