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Information Technology Strategy & 5 Year Plan


Letter of Transmittal



I am pleased to submit the Report on the Regional Municipality of York Information Technology Strategy and 5 Year Plan which was developed through an extensive consultation process with CTRC and other staff. In addition, the participation of members from the eGovernment Sub-Committee added significant value to this collaborative effort and resulted in a “made in York Region” information technology strategy. The CTRC members and the staff conveyed a willingness to embrace change and a strong recognition of the importance of technology to Region services. We carefully considered the wisdom, thoughtful reflections, and wealth of ideas contributed by Information Technology Services staff, the workshops facilitator and the many external resources. We believe that Senior Management of York Region is absolutely committed to delivering value to our residents, businesses and visitors to the Region, by optimizing existing technology, by integrating business processes and information technology solutions across departments, and by exploring new directions for information technology. The spirit of collaboration resulted in this visionary document that I believe is both achievable and realistic. This is the first information technology strategy and 5 year plan presented formally to the SMG. We are proud that the strategy embodies the theme “Here to Serve You” reflecting the current and future aspirations of the executives, management and staff of the Region. We invite your consideration and approval of this York Region Information Technology Strategy and 5 Year Plan. Respectfully submitted

Louis Shallal P. Eng., Ph.D. Director Information Technology Services Chair, Corporate Technology Review Committee (CTRC)

YRITS 2005


We would like to thank all who contributed to the collaborative development of this Information Technology Strategy. The E-Government Sub-Committee Regional Councillor Jim Jones, Chair Regional Councillor Bill O’Donnell Regional Councillor Tony Van Bynen Regional Councillor Mario Ferri Regional Chair, Bill Fisch – ex-officio Our Executive Sponsor & SMG Representative Sandra Cartwright, Commissioner - Finance The Corporate Technology Review Committee (CTRC) Sandra Cartwright Karen Close Paul Duggan Ken Hill Bob McClelland Nancy Prout Louis Shallal Marilyn Woolhead Our Facilitator Mr. Bill Cole from Cole Group International Inc. Our Many Other Contributors Many staff from all departments participated in the development of the Strategy. While there are too many individuals to list, their spirit of participation, enthusiasm for the process, and wealth of ideas are sincerely valued. The next page lists particularly those that participated in the workshops. Mark Christianson Bruce Dotzenroth Richard Finn Denis Kelly Dennis Norton Norman Scarratt Tom Webster

YRITS 2005


York Region Information Technology Strategy Workshop Participants Attendees
Alan Davidson Dimitri Yampolsky Jayne Blackburn Ken Hill Regional Councillor Jim Jones Regional Councillor Mario Ferri Sandra Cartwright Andrew Satterthwaite Bob McClelland Bruce Herridge Kelly Vandette Nancy Prout Ron Huber Susan ChinSnelgrove Denis Kelly Dennis Norton Janice Wetmore Joanne Armstrong Karen Close Marilyn Woolhead Michelle Herder Penny Clayson Rhonda St. John Bruce Dotzenroth Louis Shallal Lynda Cook Paul Duggan Chris Morrison Kim Holmes Vito Palmeri

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