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Mountain landscape
Lawrence Chung Hiung, Malaysia

Thousand mountains around the parks,
A flock of birds flying high up the skies,
Above the misty clouds,
Above the sea and mountain cliffs.

A sudden appearance of rainstorm,
A heavy downpour flooded the lands,
Trees move and sway in the storm winds,
Water rapid gorging the rivers.

Lose self in the undulating valleys and peaks,
In mystical mossy forests,
Sprawling jungles trails and plantations,
classic tropical flowers, trees and farms

Lose yourself
In the mystical long rivers and waterfalls
In the mists over the highest point of the highlands
And re-discover yourself again.

Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia

I spied a shrub by the bank of a stream,
there my short legs took me,
Escaping from mummy’s clutches, a glory
of red flowers I had to see,
Five trumpet-like petals fluttered in the
breeze like maidens genteel,
I grasped a petal in my hand, I marvelled
at its delicate satiny feel,
In the centre, standing straight and proud,
was a golden stamen,
At its tip, pollens from the anther floated
like dust from heaven,
I took a whiff but there was no fragrance
like that of a rose,
And thankfully the leaves toothed edges
didn’t prick my nose,
I held nature’s beauty in my hand and was
filled with awe
That’s when I fell in love with a hibiscus
flower at the age of four.
Far away love
Suhana Begum, Singapore

Our lines, around they wander
though never cared about a blunder
each like granules oh a wonder
reciting in ears an invisible reader
inside playing a joy of thunder
bringing thy visions by closer
always in mind it ponders
meanings in disguise lying under
leaving those questions in hunger
failing never to drench those viewers
and hopes they are getting nearer
my feet here to reach there in harbor.

Siti Halimah Ismail, Singapore
If only you can open your eyes and see the world outside,
You will forget all the entertainment in the beachside.
The world out there is so big
And all your house is made up of is some small brick.
If you insist on staying in the dark,
Then you will never be able to see the light
All you can see around you will be your own shadows
Because of the closed windows.
If you just want to feel your own heartbeat,
Then you will never be able to breath the cool breeze
If you are the type who is so stubborn,
Then nothing can make you listen..
How are going to survive in this world?
If you just stay in the dark hell?
The only one who can now help you is the god
And don't worry, you will be soon out of the dark
All you can do now
Is see the morning dawn
Nothing will stop you
If you want to see what's new
Just open your eyes for once
Then you can see the world in advance.
Muhammad Ridzwan Zafir, Singapore

My mother kept a garden,
A garden of the heart.
She planted all the good things,
That gave my life a start.
She turned me to a sunshine,
And encouraged me to a dream.
Fostering and nurturing,
Teaching me discipline.
And when the winds and rain came,
She protected me enough.
But not too much as she knew,
I'd need to stand up strong and tough.
Her constant good example,
Always taught me the right from wrong.
Markers for my pathway,
That will last a lifetime long.
I am my mother's garden,
I am her legacy.
And I hope today she feels the love,
Reflected back from me.

Pinky -- Sahu, Singapore

Life is not life if you won't feel its beauty...
there's a call from the mountain
here's a call from the sea
you stand upon an isthmus blending your sensibility...

Somewhere, someone calling you
Could not guess whose call is that,
and you roam for an uncertain identity...

This way torn with uncrushed leaves
that way stuck with withered flowers
while you stare continuously to get your mental stability...

How comes this state
where comes this request
now you...
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