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The Effects of Women
English 200
Laura de la Vina
October 4, 2012

The Effects of Women
“From a minority of students a generation ago, women now attend college in such large numbers that 57 percent of all college students are women” (Henslin, 2009, p. 274).In addition, women now try to be success and survive in this new world where women have to be independent. For those reasons, it created positive effects, but also those created negative effect. The effects of the increase of women in the work place are independence, divorce, daycare and fast food.

Furthermore, the first effect of the increase of women in the work place is independence. For many reasons, a woman wants to be an independent person. One of those reasons is when she wants to earn money for herself, support her family or her needing it. Also, sometimes they start again to go back to school to retake their studies or deciding study some career for to be an independent woman or support her children. In contrast, the fact that women want to study them postponing marriage for get a high degree or spent a lot time in the college. Also, they postponed have children, and for that reason, now women have started to have children around 30 years. Now, the percent of children in a family is maximum of two kids for family because they decided their profession that a family.

The second effect of the increase of women in the work place is divorce. Some time, they decided divorce because she prefers a quiet life, security for her or her children, or abandon unhappy marriages .Also, they decided take this risk to become an independent person. They start to work, support their children or find a solution for care her interests. In the same way, another cause that woman decide divorce is because some husbands are upset that woman have a better career or she has a better job that him. And for that reason, men become their marriages in a competition because the men do not tolerate the superiority of women....
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