Topics: Poverty, Irish language Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Starting in chapter 3
(book cover-pig story)
The dad trying to find a job and struggles to keep his dignity as he is turned away from jobs because of his origins and social class.
Frank doesn’t condone his father, his father eats almost nothing on christmas day so that his family can fill there stomachs
Malachy(the dad) does get a job the audience knows he’s going to lose it.

Chapter 4
Nothing serious happens in this chapter just course humor.
Learn about frank and his needs to go confess for even the smallest of sins
demonstrates Franks desire to be good and shows how confusing the world is for children

Chapter 5
Malachy is seen as intelligent in this chapter
writes letters for people in the neighborhood(most are illiterate)
amazing handwriting & english language
Knows latin mass entirely
Natural scholar
Frank endures poverty as a part of life
accepts uncomplainingly punishment for eating someone else’s lunch even though extreme hunger made him do it
only the father indulges himself without restraint
angela has to beg for cigarettes from a woman in the grocery store
frank has to steal from his parents to go to movies and to have candy

Chapter 6
Nothing important

Chapter 7:
Angela gives birth to a baby boy, Alphonsus.
The grandpa gives money for 5pounds to be cashed for the baby
Angela sends Malachy to have the money cashed and sends Frank and his brother to go with the dad to make sure the dad doesnt spend the money
Dad orders the boys to go go home and blows the money at the pub

This was one of the turning points in the book when Malachy uses the baby money for his own pleasure:
Frank expresses real anger about his fathers irresponsibility.
He wants to run into the bar and kick his father
says “it will be different now”

Angela goes to the butcher for meat for christmas but can only afford a pigs head,
As they carry home the meat Franks classmates laugh at...
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