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C- A monopoly like Tesco can be very good for consumers for many reasons. For example Tesco provides a variety of categories such as clothes, food, drinks, electronics, video games, pharmacies (medicine), school uniform / shoes, meats like pork, chicken, fish, garden furniture, stationary etc. Tesco sells products cheap and affordable so customers buy from them instead of other monopolies like Asda or Sainsbury’s. For example a packet of juicy apples are sold for 1.12 and in Sainsbury’s it’s sold for 1.43. See the difference? They aim for all standards consumers that have different value of income like having Tesco cheap value for those consumers who cannot afford other values. B- If Tesco didn’t have competition with other big supermarkets like Asda and Sainsbury’s, Tesco would control supply markets which means they can also control prices which is a problem to consumers . They would control the customers and we are basically forced to buy products from Tesco as they control the supply market. Maybe that seems ok, however imagine Tesco decides all of a sudden to put the prices up and make the products expensive. Oh no! Its either that or we buy from mini supermarkets which would not meet our needs as they don’t sell what Tesco sells like clothes. A- The government can bring out a legislation (laws) to be able to control Tesco in controlling the market and have a fair competition with the other monopolies. Competition law is law that promotes or maintains market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. The laws are designed to prevent businesses that engage in unfair practices from gaining an advantage over competitors and may provide protection for the weak and those unable to afford buying expensive products. This is very beneficial because not only it would help the consumers and save money but it would save the other monopolies from loosing they are back in competition. Words :320
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