Topics: Logic, Global warming, Inductive reasoning Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Zac Slater
Mrs. King
AP Lang p.1
November 7, 2012
Rhetorical analysis inconvenient truth
There are many controversial claims that state global warming is a problem or global warming is something that doesn’t even exist. However, in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore masterfully uses ethos, logos, and pathos as well as strategies to support his claim in proving an effective argument that global warming is a real negative problem. Al Gore uses his extensive background in politics to establish his credibility as well as appeal to his audience, the people of America. Al Gore served in politics and knows how much of an extreme problem global warming is. Because of this background he not only shows great credibility but also can relate with the American people because he was once representing them. Al Gore also uses ethos when he explains of his childhood on the farm where he was raised and has so many memories as a young child with family and friends. This is a prime example of ethos because he can relate with the audience basically showing that he is a normal guy like everyone else. Al Gore also establishes ethos when describing about his sons near death experience. Al Gore not only wants us to feel sympathetic for him but he relates almost losing his son to the earth now basically referring to, if we don’t act now we may lose it. Ethos is established and creates a great connection between the idea of almost losing his son and the people of America almost losing planet Earth. Al gore also uses an explanation of the principles of global warming as well as charts and specific graphs that make his argument not only logical but effective. The first thing that Al Gore does to make a logical argument for the problem of global warming is he provides a chart showing the carbon dioxide emissions as the years have gone by, this allows us to see real problems with global warming because it not only shows that global warming is real shows what’s going to happen if...
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