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Late Night Comedy
Watching late night shows is good, but getting information about the news from it is not good because, if the host of the show say’s a joke about a specific serious topic the audience might not take the news serious and think that it’s a joke. Also people categorize themselves politically to see what late night show is for them.

A lot of people watch television in this era and more people get their news resources from television in this era than any other time period. Many of the viewers watch Late Night Comedy. Late Night Comedy has a variety of different hosts and the audience that watch it differ themselves from their age. As a matter of fact, “Large majorities of those who say they regularly watch the Colbert Report (80%) and the Daily Show (74%) are younger than 50; 55% of public is 18 to 49”, and “Most of those who regularly watch O’Reilly (63%) and Hannity (65%) are 50 or older; 44% of the public is 50 or older.” It is not good to have a show for a specific age group because you will always talk about things that they would like to hear.

Another way people group their Late Night Comedy is by politics. It’s because, “A number of talk shows focusing on political opinions and humor appeal to relatively few regular viewers.” The host just like everybody has their opinion about politics and the audience understands that, that’s why people want to only listen to what they believe in. “Ideology continues to be closely associated with people’s choice of certain news sources. Eight-in-ten Americans (80%) who regularly listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Sean Hannity are conservative – roughly twice the national average of 36%. And at the other end of the spectrum, the New York Times, Keith Olbermann, the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and Rachel Maddow have regular audiences that include nearly twice the proportion of liberals than in the public.” Politics has been a big part of America, especially when it comes to news. The democrats,...
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