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Browse jobs by your favorite company, location and industry. The requirements, procedures and fees for DFA red ribbon authentication process are here. Are you going abroad and work overseas? Chances are you will have to submit authenticated and red ribboned documents to the embassy of the country you are working. Processing your papers to red ribbon certificates in the Department of Foreign Affairs is easy and simple as application of passport. You can do it yourself and never pay agents to do it for you. Ready to start?

Usually, embassies like Canada, UAE, Qatar, Dubai (part of UAE) and other countries require Filipinos and citizens of the Philippines to have their important documents to be Red Ribbon because it means the paper is legit and authenticated genuine. They called it Red Ribbon because it’s a certificate having that red ribbon literally. In the early times, to Red Ribbon a document, it’s required to be passed in the Malacañang. Now, Red Ribbon authentication process is powered by the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) though usually you have to secure your documents from the NSO, or CHED, or DepEd, TESDA depending on the paper you want to Red Ribbon. The said papers must have a validity of 3 months before the red ribbon application process. The following are the requirements, steps and procedures on Red Ribbon Authentication application in the Philippines.

School or Academic Requirements

The most important pre-requisite includes our school diploma or certificates....
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