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Topics: Marketing, Management, Strategic management Pages: 36 (9774 words) Published: March 23, 2013

Core courses: 25 courses of 3 credit

FIN 105:Basic Financial Accountancy

FIN110:Financial Management I

FIN 115:Cost and Management Accounting

FIN 120: Financial Management II

SYS 105:Computer Applications

SYS 110:Management Information System

MGT 105:Managerial Economics

MGT 110:Executive Communications

MGT 115:Quantitative Techniques I

MGT 120:Economic Environment of Business

MGT 125:Legal Environment of Business

MGT 130:Operations Management I

MGT 135: Quantitative Techniques II

MGT 140:Social Environment of Business (1.5 credits)

MGT 145: Operations Management II

MGT 155:International Business

MGT 160:Strategic Management

MGT 165:Business Ethics

MKT 105:Marketing Management I

MKT 110:Marketing Management II

MKT 115:Research Methodology

HRM 105:Organizational Dynamics

HRM 110:Organizational Behaviour I

HRM 115:Organizational Behaviour II

HRM 120:Human Resource Management

Electives: 17 courses of 3 credits

FIN125Financial Markets
FIN130Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN135Capital Expenditure: Planning and Control
FIN140Commercial Banking Management
FIN145Retail Banking Management
FIN150Indirect Taxation
FIN155Personal Taxation
FIN160Mergers and Acquisitions
FIN165International Finance
FIN170Working Capital Management and Corporate Finance
FIN175Insurance Management
FIN180Strategic Cost Management

FIN190 Corporate Finance

FIN195 Corporate Taxation and Planning

FIN200 Investment Banking

FIN205 Financial Reporting and Analysis

FIN210 Marketing of Financial Services (cross listed)

FIN215 Financial Technical Analysis and Global Markets FIN220 Financial Modelling

SYS115Data Mining and Neural Networks
SYS120DBMS with Oracle
SYS125Information Security and Risk Management
SYS130Software Quality Assurance
SYS135Software Development Methodology
SYS140Programming Fundamentals

SYS145 Software testing(half credit)

SYS150 Business Analysis for IT solutions
SYS155 Enterprise Resource Planning
SYS160 Software Project Management
SYS165 Decision Support Systems

MGT170Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
MGT175Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MGT180Forecasting (half credit)
MGT185Technology Management
MGT190Total Quality Management

MGT195 Principles of Six Sigma (half credit)

MGT200 International Economics
MGT205 Economics of Human Resource Development (half credit) MGT210 Entrepreneurship
MGT215 Foreign Language (French, German, Spanish, Mandarin) MGT220 International Marketing (cross listed)
MGT225 Social Entrepreneurship

MKT120Business to Business Marketing
MKT125Consumer Behaviour
MKT130Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT135International Marketing (cross listed)
MKT140Product Management
MKT145Brand Management
MKT155 Rural Marketing (half credit)
MKT160Marketing in the New Era
MKT165Sales and Distribution Management
MKT170Services Marketing
MKT180Pricing (half credit)
MKT185Customer Relationship Management (half credit)
MKT190Advanced Marketing Research

MKT195 Marketing of Financial Services (cross listed, half credit))

MKT200 Sales Negotiation (half credit)

MKT205 Strategic Marketing Management

MKT210 Marketing Engineering

HRM125Transactional Analysis and Conflict Management
HRM130Executive Competencies
HRM135Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence (half credit) HRM140Organisational Theory, Structure and Design

HRM145 Cross Cultural Management (half credit)

HRM150Training and...
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