Devry Engl112 Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Shaving, Safety razor, Hygiene Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Begin Early, Shave Yourself
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Begin Early, Shave Yourself
“Begin Early, Shave Yourself” was published in 1910 by Gillette Safety Razor Company. This ad is showing a baby in the poster holding a razor, lathered up and pretending to shave and the slogan on top is ‘Begin early, Shave Yourself’ with the Gillette safety Razor, “No Stropping No Honing” on the bottom. This baby’s smile was so sweet, innocent and artless, especially when he holding a razor almost the same size of his head with a slogan says “Begin early, Shave Yourself” and it seems to suggest that it’s so safe even a baby can use it. Before the advent of safety razors, men were using a straight razor also called “cut-throat razors” to remove their facial hairs. The problem of using straight razor is easily to cut your-self when you shaving and caused the irritation of the skin also called “Razor Burn.” The ideas of invented a safety razor is a implement a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin and these protective devices can significantly to reduce the level of injury and uncomfortable irritation of the skin when shaving. This ad mentioned to its customer the safety of this product and no need to strop and hone the razor. This razor earned its full credibility through the brand name ‘Gillette Safety razor’. Gillette is a well-known razor manufacturing company and mainly sale the shaving and personal care products. When the first safety razor featured new disposable blade went on sale in 1903, more than hundreds and thousands customer has been using this razor. The other credit contributed to this razor is “No Stropping No Honing”. While you are using this disposable blade and you will no longer worry about stropping your old fashion blade and no more trouble to hone good. “Begin Early, Shave Yourself” appeal to emotions is make consumers truly believe that this razor is safe to use. For everyone to know, baby has the most beautiful and...
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