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Coping with College Stress

College stress - a Princeton University student talks about how to deal with academic stress. By Sabriya English
In my world where my options for coping include either jamming heroin up my veins, being involved in countless sexual relationships, or denying my problems to the point of nervous breakdown by age fifty, would it make sense to cast my hopes upon an obscure carpenter with a deadly case of god-complex? Those times that academic stress threatens to send me plunging off of the 250-year-old ivy tower, would it make any sense to go cower into a corner with a little-"g" god who has no more the power to create me, than the ability to move mountains on my behalf? No! If I am going to serve Him instead of a wooden calf, my God must be one of ultimate power, matchless beauty, sovereign authority, and consistent grace; anything else would be a waste of precious time. Although I have known Jesus since the age of seven, it was not until high school that I became sick of my years of lackadaisical, impotent, religious pabulum. It took me that long to realize that God is not the God of any man's tradition or opinion; nor is He the God of hackneyed ritual. He wants a relationship with us. Today, I can praise His name more loudly because I have tasted and seen how beautifully He carries me through rough situations, causing me to cling more tightly to Him. It is a welcome relief to be able to lay everything on the table before someone who will not laugh or be turned off. God does not require me to be perfect: He only requires that I repent of my sins and obey Him, living in a way that would speak truly of Him. What makes a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, stand out? The relief that salvation is not a list of thou shalt nots, or threats of inevitable, eternal damnation. It is not some outrageous burden upon my shoulders. Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke...
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