Devil Wears Prada

Topics: Sentence, Boss, Impossible Mission Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1 At the beginning of the movie, Andy laughs and shows Miranda no sense of fashion when Miranda offers suggestions what the models should wear. This is absolutely unprofessional when communicating with the boss. What kind of expression you should have in front of your boss are dependent on your boss’s mood, time and situation you and your boss are in.

2 When communicating with your boss, it is not a good idea to show too much emotion. If you hear your boss making statements that you find upsetting, listen and nod your head. Keep calm. Be sure not to raise your voice or frequently interrupt, as both actions give an impression that you are not in control of your emotions. Andy, as an assistant who get used to her boss’s style is a very good example here. Miranda is the person who quickly tells her assistant everything and won’t say it a second time. So every time Miranda gives Andy orders, Andy listens and follows with full concentration and always takes them down on notebook. Finally quietly make her points when there comes a break.

3 Your boss is not an animal. He/She has emotions too. So when communicating with your boss, you’d better show your understanding. Andy is a very good example. When Miranda talks about her divorce, showing her fragile side to Andy, Andy shows her goodwill and offers Miranda an open heart. She also actively asks Miranda what she could do for her, which shows she is a very kind person no matter in work or in private life.

4 Show your boss your confidence and profession: In the movie, Miranda always gives Andy impossible missions, like asking her the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript in 4 hours. Andy manages to get the manuscript and copies it into three copies with covers in the stipulated time. And she smiles to Miranda with confidence. So from Andy we can learn that when having a seemingly impossible mission from the boss, try to figure out a solution and what the boss wants. Finish this mission with your profession and...
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