Devil on the Cross

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  • Published : May 22, 2005
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Devil on the Cross was written by Ngugi while he was imprisoned. He was held without trail by a government that tried to silence him. The out come was a book that was "One of the century's greatest novels" by the Tribune. In the following passages I plan to explain the meaning of four characters that are affected by capital class. The speaker of the passage "She sat down on a box…" is the gorgeous protagonist; Jacinta Wariinga. Jacinta Wariinga is a young beautiful black woman who easily stops "men in their tracks." She is like Thanksgiving dinner, a feast for the eyes. Jacinta moves with grace when she is without self-conscious. Underneath all her beauty, she is a suicidal person who hates her blackness. Jacinta truly hates her blackness because she uses "skin-lightening creams." The skin-lightening cream rejects her skin color because the cream knows "that which is born black can never be white". She clearly suffers from Cultural Imperialism. Cultural Imperialism has wiped out the music, culture and art many. The military has taken over lands for their own personal use, economic stability can not be reached between classes because the gap between the rich and poor has increased and political power is the only thing of importance. The people are of no importance because if they were better living conditions and necessary items would be more accessible. Jacintas' color coated thinking has led her to believe "that her appearance [is] the root cause of all her problems." Jacinta analysis's her many problems with a small mirror. Jacinta is using a small mirror for petty problems when she needs to be using a mirror like the one in my room, 7feet tall by 5 feet wide. With that mirror she can examine all the cultural imperialism flaws and not just her materialistic problems. The small mirror depicts her problems to be petty. If Jacinta truly wanted to analyze all of her problems she should a use a mirror like the one in my room, 5' by 7', she can clearly notice all...
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