Devil in the Shape of a Woman

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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The Devil in the Shape of a Woman Review

The Devil in the Shape of a Woman is a pretty interesting book. Its only interesting cause it’s about the history of witch trials, and things like that kind of tickle my interest. It had its moments where I wanted to put it down cause it got so boring, but overall it was a decent read.

I learn a couple of new things about the witch trials reading this book. Like parliament making a law in 1542 saying that witch craft was a capital crime. I learned that the majority of the English that were convicted were woman. I knew that but I didn’t know that the woman to men conviction ratio was so steep. Most people and would think or portray that witchcraft was hereditary, but the English parlament back in the day didn’t necessarily think that. In fact they thought that witches passed their witch craft down to their friends, servants, foes, pets, cousins, anybody was guilty if u had association. They had a list of grounds that they would use to accuse a witch. It went as follows: “if the party suspected be the son or daughter, the servant or familiar friend; neer neighbor or old companion of knowne or convicted witch, this alon is a presumption, for witchcraft is an art that may be learned and convayd from man to man and of it falleth out that a witch dying leaveth some of the aforesaid heirs of her witch craft. In other words no one was safe from conviction. If you ask me they were a little too paranoid.

The woman to man ratio of conviction was outrageously unfair. Like in salem there were 141 women accused which 14 were executed and only 44 men accused with only 15 executed. The book talks about how if a man confessed to witch craft he was more than likely just punished or called a liar giving them a benefit of a doubt, but if a woman confessed she was taken up on her word and punished. Salem had the most accusations and executions with a total of 185 accusations and 19 excuted and Fairfield had the least with 7...
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