Deviant Behavior

Topics: Narcissistic personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Avoidant personality disorder Pages: 8 (2792 words) Published: April 24, 2013

Richard Kuklinski, a man that seemed to have been built to be a killing machine. The well-known nightmare that killed simple by passers out for a walk, to mafia leaders who owed him money. Several traumatic events took place through out his life that contributed to his becoming a serial killer. How does a man live a “normal” life with no remorse for 30 years? What enabled him to kill over 200 people for no reason what so ever? Trough out this paper I will describe how several different events through the course of his life impacted him and molded him to become the well-known Ice Man. I will discus his childhood experience with his parents, environment and how adolescence and adulthood affected him and provoked him to become the heartless Killer he was.


A body completely devoured by rats that have been decomposed for days or a perfectly untouched body that is to be believed to have died due to an overdose on drugs. Two extreme forms of killing done by the same man. Deviance or not? It is beyond our capacity to understand why anyone would kill just for his/her own entertainment or how he or she acquires the courage to do such a violent act. Unfortunately these horrendous acts of violence occur on a yearly bases. Serial killers are frequently described as psychopaths by social scientists and by the mass media. “Psychopaths have a personality disorder involving a range of effective, behavioral, and interpersonal characteristics”(Egger, 1998). The characteristics of a psychopath that Richard had were as followed; lack of empathy, guilt or remorse. He did not suffer from the act of killing and had an indescribable disregard for feelings, and complete disrespect of others. The worst murders in the world are by psychopaths. These individuals usually end up living lives that contain a tremendous amount of violence. How this individual became the heartless and selfless person called the Iceman is portrayed trough out his childhood, adolescent and adult hood. It is true that the foundations we receive as children do not completely determine our destiny but it does serve to shape the internal morals and values we live by. Richard Kuklinski the famous Mafia Hit man went trough several different events in his life that encourage his psychopathic disposition. These evens have led him in becoming the well-known Richard the Iceman Kuklinski.

Childhood Years

Richard Kiklinski was born on April 11, 1935 in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was the second child of four children from father Stanley Kiklinski and Mother Anna Kiklinski. Born to a catholic family he went on to attended a Catholic grammar school. His relationship with his parents was not a typical child- parent relationship. Stanley was an alcoholic that displayed abusive tendencies toward his wife and his children. He would typically come home and beat his sons for no reason what so ever. His mom would also hit Richard using broomsticks and other household items to strike him wherever they landed (Thebaut, 1992). Kuklinski was abused often through out his childhood. His father was so abusive that he even murdered Richards 7 year old brother. Richard explicitly describes how much hate he had for his dad. This relationship he had with his parents turned into anger. Richards’s parents were already developing some form of deviant traits in his personality at an early age. His parent’s modeled abuse in every situation. His father being the abusive man that he was used abuse as a form to fix problems. Therefore, demonstrated to Richard the forms for dealing with anger. Richard progressed to realize that the only way in protecting himself was trough aggressive tendencies and physical abuse. The social learning theory by Southerland called Differential Association theory, states that, “if an individual associated with people who hold deviant ideas more than with people who embrace conventional ideas, the individual is likely to become deviant”...
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