Deviant Behavior

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Saudi Arabia Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: June 28, 2012
Provide an example of a human behavior that is considered deviant in one society, but is not considered deviant in others. What are the factors that have contributed to this society's perspective of the deviant behavior? Why does this society consider the behavior to be deviant but other societies do not? One example of how deviant behavior in society is not tolerated is in Saudi Arabia. The Islam community there really treat there women with very little respect. Things have gotten better over the years but often times women are denied the same education as men. If a woman was to wear tight fitting or low cut clothing, they would be considered deviant. This act could cause them harm because people there really take that behavior as disrespect. This culture feels that women who dress provocative tempt men and should be covered up at all times to prevent this. In America, you have the freedom to dress how you want to a certain extent. Women here often times wear tight fitting and low cut clothing…at the same time it’s not considered disrespectful for everyday use. Now it could be considered disrespectful if your attire doesn’t fit your surroundings but typically here in the United States women can dress as they please. When a crime is committed by someone who has a powerful status in this society, how is their deviant behavior handled in comparison to someone who has less power in society? When a power figure commits a crime, it’s often times either swept under the rug or they get a lesser punishment. In extreme circumstances when a power figure commits a crime the law may use them as an example and give them extreme punishment. If someone with a less power commits a crime they usually have “the book thrown at them” which means they have to follow the normal rules for committing crimes.
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