Deviance in Wapda

Topics: Corruption, Employment, Political corruption Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: April 7, 2013

What is Deviance?
Simply we can say: “Deviance is a violation of norms or rules”.
“Deviance is breaking social manners, social codes of conduct in business and mutual agreements between the parties.” Examples: Abusing others, Breaking Promise and Murder etc.
`Louise Weston Says: “Behavior that is contrary to the standards of conduct or social expectation s of a given group or society define as “Deviance”.
Ian Robertson says: “Behavior that violates significant social norms and is disapproved by the large number of people as a result”.
M. Sadam Says; “every society has its rules and regulation if someone violate these rules that person or group known as Deviant and that action is called Deviance.” Deviance vary according to the societies.

e.g.: Rules of slaughtering in India and Pakistan.
Forms of Deviance;
Deviation varies person to person.
Deviation and culture.
Deviation and society.
Deviation and social change.
Deviation and Law.
Deviance in WAPDA & its effects;
“The actions against WAPDA rules and regulations which are performed by the employees is known as Deviance in WAPDA”.

e.g. Corruption
Due to illegal actions of employees , WAPDA is
continuously going to crisis .

Deviance in WAPDA;
High rate of line losses are alarming and showing that we can’t compensate such kind of high line losses. Reasons of Deviance in WAPDA;
The employees are involved in corruption. The oblige illegally some consumers due to bribery or oblige relatives and friends . For example , Someone is paying Rs. 2000/- as a bribery to a WAPDA employee and he is using the electricity of approximately Rs. 10000/- per Month. Due to electricity theft cases the line losses increase and to hide their corruption the officials use the way of over billing.Due to over billing the innocent people...
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