Deviance and Organized Crime

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  • Published : May 27, 2008
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Deviance is a violation of social norms, behavioral codes or prescriptions, which guide people into actions and self-presentations conforming to social acceptability. There are many forms of deviance. Among the many forms of deviance, organized crime stands out in many aspects of society. Organized crime has been around for many years in America and for centuries in Europe. It is distinguished by its durability over time, expansive interests, hierarchical structure, buildup of profit, investment of profit, access to political protection, and the use of violence as an end to particular means. Organized crime is able to thrive throughout the world by supplying, or appearing to supply, services that the lawful economy is unable to provide. Organized crime perpetuates many social problems. Organized crime leads to corrupt government members and law officials. Organized crime finds ways to obtain money disregarding who the money is taken from and at what cost to that person or persons. Organized crime is ruthless, taking out anything that comes between it and its goal disregarding things such as the value and quality of life an individual can lead. Numerous efforts have been made by law enforcement to control and suppress organized crime with little success. Organized crime has even become something semi accepted by society through television shows and motion pictures, which tend to glorify the deviant lifestyle an organized crime member lives. Organized crime is a model example of what deviance is and how it affects society.

The first aspect of organized crime that exemplifies deviance is the necessity of a completely opposite lifestyle. As children we are taught to conform to societal norms by holding down a nine to five job, being nice to others, and being honest. Living a life of organized crime requires a complete breakdown of these basic facets of conformity and thus results in a completely opposite lifestyle. Much of the work done by these...
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