Developments in Bangkok

Topics: Time, Present, Transport Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 12, 2011
In the past 50 years, Bangkok has changed dramatically in many ways. The first improvement deals with technology. In the present, people around the world can connect faster because they have the Internet, and mobile phones. The following improvement facilitate people to run business. In addition, development in surgery is improved so it is safer for people to treat in hospitals. Different from the present, letters were the only way that people could communicate in the distant area. Sending letters spends many days to reach recipients. About medical, doctors had to guess patients’ symptom and treated what patients felt because there were no x-ray machines, ultrasound machines and so on. The second improvement is concerned with transportation. People spend less time going to other places because sky train and subway have high speed. Moreover, merchandise can be transported to other countries because they are transferred by flights. In contrast, trains are still available but there were less speed when they are compared with sky train or subway. People can only transport imported merchandises through ships. Transport by ships took long time and sometimes merchandises were broken. People’s lifestyle is the final difference between the present and the past, people usually work in the office which is located on downtown and central business district. There are a few members in the family because people have a few children. In the past, farming is the main job that people did. Most of the families were large because people had many children and also lived with their relatives. In conclusion, these examples show that everything has changed in Bangkok when technology and progress influence people.
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