Developmentally Appropriate Practice

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Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Teachers and Childcare Centers Crystal Sheridan
University of Alabama


Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Writing Assignment 1
Developmentally appropriate practice is at the core of every good childcare center, whether it be at a public center, private center or an at home center. The determination of whether a center is developmentally appropriate depends on four things: the child/children, families, context, and the purpose of the school (Copple). The childcare professionals and administration at the centers are the ones that are responsible for making sure the center meets the needs of all children. Although the administration plays a huge role in the center, the teacher is the main person that will help the center reach their goal of having a developmentally appropriate practice. A teacher should be well educated in child development, learning and should also know how to be an effective educator. If a teacher is well educated in child development he or she will be able to come up with activities for the children that are appropriate for their age and developmental stage. He or she will be able to face any problem that may be thrown at them. They should be able to handle any child, no matter if they have a disability or not, come up with a curriculum that is best suited for the children and they should be able to adapt to any childcare setting and make it their own. If the center has their own and rules and regulations, the teacher should respect them but he or she could talk to the director and work out a plan to make sure the children are being taught exactly what is appropriate for them (Copple).

Teachers have a huge load on them. They are responsible for making sure the classroom looks neat and interesting to the kids, the curriculum is appropriate for the age group they are trying to teach and to make sure they communicate effectively to the...
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