Developmental Psychology and Big Role

Topics: Developmental psychology, Ecological Systems Theory, Adult development Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Bronfenbrenner’s said that there are five contexts that influence development they may be thought of as concentric rings, like archery target with larger rings influencing all smaller rings within them Bronfenbrenners 1979. Microsystems played a big role to me in my childhood because the neighborhood that I was raised up in was very poor basically all we had was one another we did not have many toys to play with most of the times we made up our own games and enjoyed it. Other kids made fun of us because they were very wealthy; this played a big role in growing up in my neighborhood. This experience makes me works so hard so my kids will not have to experience that. Mesosystem played the biggest role in my life growing up as a my child parents argued and fought a lot almost daily My siblings and myself was always full of fear it impacted me a lot because when I was in school I should of have been concentrating on school but instead I was worried about what was going on at home I loved both of my parents very dearly and I did not want the bad things to take place that was happening. This situation made me grow up faster than I should have I learned from that experience is to be careful with the enviorment that my kids are around. I feel like nature has a stronger influence on adult development because most of the time people do things the way they was raised up or tradition.

Adult Development And Life Assessment
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