Developmental Psychology

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Developmental Writing
The one psychological construct that is discussed throughout two of the articles is the idea of generativity along with basic trust versus mistrust. Trust is one of the first social concepts that babies learn through feeding, sleeping and using the bathroom. The biggest thing here would be for the child to allow his or her mother to be out of their sight for a certain period of time because they are certain their parent will return back to them. Therese Benedek prefers trust to be called confidence since that a child can trust someone a lot that then turns into confidence that the child has. However the main focus in both the Eight Stages of Man reading and the Parenthood and Generativity reading is the idea of generativity. Generativity is described as the primary concern to establish and guide the next generation as well as to include the concepts of productivity and creativity. The idea of generativity is important during the stage of psychosexual and on the schedule of psychosocial. Generativity is the idea of relying on oneself rather than focusing on a group of individuals. The only way that generativity cannot be reached to the fullest potential is if parents the parents are thinking about having children or do not want children at all. I believe that parents with and without children obviously go through different life experiences. Couples with children experience the various stages that their children go through how they develop over time as opposed to couples without children that only get to experience going through life without those certain types of those experiences. In my opinion, I believe couples that have children have a much richer and fulfilling life than those who do not have children. Does generativity correlate to development, which is crucial for mid-adulthood tasks? There was a study done that showed positive correlation between generativity and psychological well-being as well as showing there were really no...
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