Developmental Psychology

Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Child development Pages: 11 (3107 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The Understanding of Developmental Psychology: Stages of Lifespan Development of Young Adulthood and Old Age relating to their uniqueness from both generic and environmental influences in the context of language and behavior in its effectiveness to Nursing Practice


The focus of this psychology paper, involves the uniqueness of individuals from both genetic and environmental influences within the specific areas of psychological development in lieu to language and behavior and the explanation of their uniqueness in terms of those influences. This paper will show how the uniqueness of psychological development is reflected in the lifespan stages of young adulthood and old age and will have to examine how understanding of psychological development at various stages of lifespan development might be used effective practice in nursing as well as diverse perspectives in psychology theories of lifespan psychology as it integrates human development of developmental resources of such adaptation and function as it deals with language and the interplay of behavioral nature of the lifespan development as this paper is supported by empirical evidence on the development of generic and environmental influences in terms of shaping and molding language and behavior and the development of the lifespan in young adulthood and old age and how this development be of effective realization to the nursing practice respectively.


Recently, people have thought of adults as being developmentally on a plateau. as children became adolescents, adolescents developed into adults. Then there is presumed to be a static plateau across the life span until people become old and begin to again reveal developmental influences. The assumption was that they are expected to become mature, responsible citizens conducting productive lives. According To Wikipedia, ‘’developmental psychology is the scientific study of progressive psychological changes that occur in human beings as they age and are concerned with infants and children and later other periods of great change such as adolescence and aging as it encompasses the entire lifespan. Developmental psychology relates between generic or the innateness that is, specified by the organism's genes. and environmental influence in regard to the aspect of development as the process are aquired in interaction with the environment.

Recently, developmental psychologists rarely take such positions with regards to the detailed aspect of the development; rather they investigate the relationship between innate and environmental influences and the innateness was portrayed in research in terms of language acquisition – the human language, the input from language to acquire the structure of language that applies to human languages that led to the idea that there is a special cognitive is widely considered among developmental psychologists to have sparked the decline in influence of behaviorism and signaled the start of cognitive revolution in psychology.

Young Adulthood or Adolescence is the period of psychological and social transition between childhood and adulthood as a transitional stage of human development during which a juvenile matures into adulthood and its endpoints are not easily tied to physical milestones with dramatic changes in the body, along with developments in a person's psychology and academic career. Some scholars have theorized a new stage of development, post-adolescence and pre-adulthood. Arnett (2000) calls this stage as the ‘’emerging adulthood and argues that it is characterized by relative independence from social roles and from normative expectations of life when many different directions remain possible, when the scope of independent exploration of life's possibilities is greater for most people than it will be at any other period of the life course’’ (p.469).

The adult behavior...
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