Developmental Profile

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Becky A. Burton
Week 3 Assignment- Developmental Profile


This paper will summarize the physical changes that occur in children and the factors. The paper will also describe the cognitive changes that occur in childhood, such as problem solving and judgment and specific examples will be given. The major milestones in social development that take place in childhood will be discussed as well; this includes peer relationships, male/female differences, and family influences. Emotional development in childhood will be talked about as well. This will include information on self-understanding/self-concept, emotional intelligence and regulation. Physical Changes That Occur In Children and Factors

In early childhood the growth of the body starts to slow down, usually children start to gain about five pounds in a year and they grow around three inches taller in the year. Usually their balance and body posture improve, most of the time boys weigh more than girls do because they are made more masculine. The first change that children usually go through from infancy to early childhood is skeletal change “Between ages 2 and 6, approximately 45 new epiphyses, or growth centers in which cartilage hardens into bone, emerge in various parts of the skeleton. X-rays of these growth centers enable doctors to estimate children’s skeletal age, or progress toward physical maturity” (Berk, 2010). By the age of three years old to five years of age children have developed a vocabulary of three-hundred to one thousand words. Usually by the end of preschool year children start to lose their baby teeth, but it all depends on their genetics. An example would be if a girl was ahead of a boy in growth, then the girl would lose their teeth first. Genes influence the children’s growth by controlling the production of hormones. The growth hormone (GH) is vital for the development of the body tissues except for the genitals and the nervous system....
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