Developmental Influences

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Developmental Influences

By | May 2012
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Developmental Influences

Dec. 2, 2011
A personal example, identified as the meosystem ring, would be directed at my father’s job. The mesosystem refers to the connection of all the microsystems influencing a child. This experience is following a recent divorce and my dad supported my younger sister and me for several years by himself. My father worked the night shift, 12 pm to 11 pm, at TFI which is a company that produced korian. His work shift would start while I was attending school and end while I was sleeping. Our days were on complete opposite schedules, so I was left taking care of my younger sister and was offered an abundance of freedom. With great freedom came to me at such a young age, I took advantage and I tried drinking and smoking for the first time and as most can guess I wasn’t involved with directly the right kind of friends. This example was made into a positive due to the fact I became independent and self-efficient. The second example of another ring that influenced me when I was younger was my family. Growing up my parents were neglective and I think this contributed to the fact that I crave attention in my personal relationships. I may be independent and assertive in striving to take care of my family but emotionally I have put up road blocks and need constant emotional attention. My grandparents in turn took care of my two sisters and me, which is the reason why I succeeded in school and sports. My grandmother helped me out with my education my teaching me hooked on phonics, which is probably why I am good at spelling and English. My family has been the most influential in my life. Due to the neglect I received as a child this had the domino affect with my personal relationships. Therefore, the nurturing affect has the dominance and I think it is the determining factor in our adult development. Once our faults are recognized though I believe we can work on our individual issues and overcome these obstacles and work...

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